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Tel: 316-207-0526

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Puppy Deposit: $400 Non Refundable, Transferable
Puppy Price: $1000-$2000 - The price of each pup varies on the pick of the pup, gender, breeding pair, and quality. 
Stud fees, whether AI or Live Cover is $1000-2000 USD or a 1st Pick Puppy back. A puppy back breeding is only done based on room for a new pup or the breeding being done.
Stud fees are NON refundable if a breeding does not take. Repeat of breeding will be offered or a pup of equal value will be honored in place of the breeding so long as no more than 2 years from initial AI breeding. 
There are additional costs of shipping semen, those are vet fees associated with extracting the semen and overnight priority shipping.
*****These additional costs are the responsibility of the buyer.*****
NO refund is given on extraction and shipping fees.

We ship our pups through two methods of transportation, United Airlines Pet Safe Program or a USDA Licensed Ground Transporter. Buyer may choose their own transporter when setting up shipping. For air travel, we use Grreat Choice Dog Carriers which are high quality and will last for long term use. Whether your pup is shipped by air or ground, it will have a health certificate issued by an accredited Veterinarian showing that it is in good health.

Estimated shipping rates within the continental US are :
8-12 weeks $350 USD

12-16 weeks $450 USD

16+ weeks $500 USD

Adult dogs $600 USD and up  

Shipping cost vary by date, location, season and fuel cost.


For International shipping a deposit of $2000 USD is required. Adult dogs will have the shipping cost adjusted due to crate requirements and their additional costs. The cost of the animal PLUS the shipping deposit must be PAID IN FULL prior to initiating the export process. There is a required 21 day rabies quarantine on all pups shipped from the US into the UK & EU.  Please expect up to a 30 day wait from the beginning of this process until your pup arrives at your nearest international airport. Rabies vaccination may be done as early as 12 weeks of age ensuring your pup arrives in its new home as soon as possible, usually by 16 weeks old

Payments can be made through PayPal (buyer responsible for fees) using the link below, cash, or US Postal Money Order ONLY.
Personal or Bank Checks will not be accepted.
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